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Lastu Management Ltd provides a broad range of product development and manufacturing consultation services.


With our growing number of trusted partners and suppliers worldwide, we offer a complete end-to-end solution to help your business find its ideal manufacturing partner in the most cost-efficient markets. Project management, quality control and logistics arrangements – we handle it all.

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Looking to enter the Nordic markets? Our sales representation services put you in direct contact with a wide base of contacts and networks to achieve your strategy.

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From design to industrial production, we draw on over a decade of product development and manufacturing experience. Our trusted base of East-Asian suppliers and established partner networks in Finland mean your product reaches the market on your terms.

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No matter what your innovation, we offer tailor-made service packages to give you the head-start you need to produce your product overseas. All you need to do reach out to us.


Product sourcing solutions

We empower your business and find the best global supply chain that meets your needs. Our ready base of suppliers means cost savings, quality products and a stable, trusted supply chain is always within reach, even in the short term. This also enables you to source lower volume category components when needed.

We have well-defined processes that we follow in all projects to ensure our suppliers bring you the most quality product available. This is the the cornerstone for how we introduce new suppliers into our system – a strict, step-by-step method that ensures your product and component specifications are firmly in place. All projects are carefully documented and we ensure there are always component version and golden samples in place.

Introduction to quality control is included in our sourcing service. As a standard, all shipments we provide are quality checked in the country of origin by ourselves or a trusted 3rd party – and as an additional service, we also provide quality checks along the way. We require clear documentation from each supplier for each component and each product, all well-documented by our standards. And to ensure our customers get the best service from start to finish, we offer continued support when a new part or supplier has been introduced and ensure the supply arrangements have already been agreed.

Project management, quality control systems and logistics arrangements are all part of this service package. For our long-term partners, we provide sea and air logistics services and are able to provide warehousing services as needed with our partners.

Simply put, we will help you capture the best quality for the best price to meet your demands.

Design and manufacturing solutions

We have the expertise and experience to bring your ideas to reality. Specialising in consumer electronics, audio products, mechanical devices, PCB manufacturing, components and assemblies, we also hold a wealth of knowledge of market-specific regulations and industry standards. This means you’ll have all of the support you develop and test your products.

We help you find the best possible operation mode to ensure your product achieves all market requirements. This means driving product development, adjusting targets and paying close attention to all qualifications and technical performance metrics along the way. What’s more, our partner network in Finland supports face-to-face collaboration on industrial design and engineering.

We support each project all the way to production, ensuring the best supply chain arrangement is considered in the development phase and all components are ready to be supplied in the most efficient way. Continuing all the way to mass production, we also support lifecycle management in the event your product is ramped down or there’s a growing need to expand your production or capability update tooling.